How Click and Bank review is going to change your Bussiness strategies

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Welcome to my Click and Bank review,

I’m here inside a detailed review product called click and Bank by Nashigar. This review I’m going to have a look at the software gives you a demo of it to show you how it works and what it does. I will also have a closer look at the sales page have a look at the claims being made here by the creators off clicking back to see if in my opinion in this product lives up to those claim sand of course. I’ve put together a package of custom and exclusive bonuses that you can get your hands on by purchasing click and bank through the link. In This blog when you click on that link you come to the sales page, which is this page right here then when you go ahead and make your purchase off click a bank on the warrior Plus platform.

 Click and a bank is a software that’s going to help you create Click bank review websites with the push of a button now. Later during this review, I’m going to give detailed information to you exactly how that works. How it does that but these bonuses they’re all going to help you to make more out of this product, because it’s great that it creates these sides and it’s going to help you to get some traffic initially from ranking articles on Google. Again I will detail you how that works one. We go through the software but if you want to make money with this. You’re going to have to do a little bit more than just click and set the side up the way they show you inside the software because I think you should help the site out by driving traffic to it yourself.                                                                                         

Initially, at least and also if you want to make more money from it there are way more ways to monetize. This site than just with Click and bank offers which are how you initially monetize it with this software. So that is where my bonuses are going to come in they’re going to help you take this thing to the next level. Get more results to get better results and to make sure you’re getting visitors traffic to your website. I know a lot of people are interested in free traffic methods because of course, it doesn’t cost anything and when you use free traffic you’re all the money you make from that traffic is profit, however, do keep in mind free traffic takes a bit more time usually than paid traffic so for. Those of you who are more interested in just spending a bit of money to save yourself time.

More ways to quickly monetize your click and Bankside, basically how to make 10 times more money with click and Bank. I’m going to tell you of example Click bank offers affiliate offers in 23 different niches. However, they’re not generally the affiliate offers that are going to make you the most money.

In every single one of those niches for example in the make money online niche, yes there are some offers from Click bank. But if you want to make big money big affiliate commissions in that niche there are a few more niche-specific affiliate networks. That you can go to with better offers that convert better. We’re going to show you basically where to go to find other affiliate offers. So you can add those on top of your click and bank site. Then also if you want to use different methods than affiliate marketing. I’m also going to show you that so that’s all covered inside bonus number two.

I’m going to show you five different hacks to increase the conversions of your click and Bank sites. Different ways to get more visitors and to get more out of your existing visitors using all of these different hacks that all the pro marketers out there use on their websites. That you absolutely should be implementing yourself on your click and Bank website. When you purchase this product so absolutely make sure you purchase it through the link below.

Now if you buy any of the upgrades to click and Bank which I am going to cover in detail later during this click and bank review. I’m also going to throw in my full affiliate marketing course affiliation which is a course. That I put together myself based on my own experience of more than one year with affiliate marketing showing you step-by-step from the very beginning. See how to build a successful affiliate marketing business that initially can make you a good amount of site money, then you can scale it up to$100 a day for full-time income. And then from there scale it up even more to 5 figures and beyond a month. With affiliate marketing that is all covered inside affiliation my full affiliate marketing course. Which is available by buying any of the upgrades to click and bank after your initial purchase.

How to Click and Bank software works –

Now let guy said I’m going to go over the pricing and the upsells later. Let me go into the actual software and give you a demo of how this works. So when you first open the software the first thing you’re going to do is create your site so what you’re going to be presented with is kind of a questionnaire of the things. You want your website. Let me go back to that where is it again it’s not this is the configuration that’s what I’m looking for all right so these are the things. They’re going to ask you you’re going to ask you what you want for your subdomain name. So this is I set this to Liberty to travel. So then it becomes Liberty to travel or click and Bank CEO.

Now if you want something else here you can put anything you want over here as the subdomain name. So if I want my name like let’s say Nashigar click on bank .then I can just change this and then that will change the URL after. I click on save settings of course but initially when you first make side this is what you said but remember. You can always change it afterward again .side titles the same thing you set it initially. But you can change it after. Then at the niche now you can only change this by deleting all the current content of your website. So make sure that when you do this. That you’re certain that this is what you want to do now.

Choosing a Niche from Click and Bank –

You can choose from any of the 23 niches on Click bank and it’s going to automatically populate your website. With first of all content in that niche that is going to be pulled from different sources around the web spin. So that it can become content that is going to be new content and unique content so that it can rank on Google. Then create it into different articles on your website. In addition to that, it’s going to post reviews of products on Click bank In that niche regularly .it’s going to continuously post new content on your site. So that it stays fresh it says up-to-date new products get reviewed. Also, your site has a chance to start ranking on Google for some of this content, so that’s the idea behind it.

Now like I said if you do change the niche after your initial site configuration. You will lose all the content on your site and it’s going to restart over with this new niche. So what I’m going to do that to show you how it works. I am the last thing of course put in your Click bank ID so that when you make sales of these Click bank products. You get credited as the Click bank affiliate. So I did that as well now this is what the website is going to look like after it has been created like.

I said you’re going to get some initial content but then over time you’re going to get more and more content as time progresses. Because the software is going to automatically start posting new content regularly. So you can see today on the 30th of April 2020. When I first created this site that is also the date on which click and Bank is going to go live. So I’m previewing this just before life. The product will be available for purchase very soon.

You’ll see that I have this content on my website that is automatically pulled from Google spin .so that it can rank and then you can see what it’s like. If I click on a few full posts so this is I post about SEO traffic it’s all completely compliant. Because it’s going to link back to the original content creator right here. So that you are completely compliant with Google’s Terms of Service. In terms of using other people’s content and then the other thing that it posts into next to content is these reviews of Click bank products. Now wholesale designer handbags do not sound like a make money online product but it is because it is a product and that teaches people how to sell. Designer handbags online and make money using and that so it sounds like.

It’s not a big money online product but it’s a product that teaches people how to sell this product. So that’s why it is a make money online product in this case. The first thing it pulls is a review of this from YouTube so this is a review somebody made of this product on YouTube. YouTube videos as you know are allowed to be embedded on any website. That’s kind of what you agree to as a content creator.

On YouTube when you put your content on YouTube is that other people can embed your content on their website. so you are going to be able to do that using in the click and Bank software .of course it’s all automatic like I said it pulls the content from YouTube puts it here and then. It creates this review right hereof written review and then, of course, the Buy Now button which is going to be your affiliate link for this product. On Click bank so there you go that is what is going to do in the make money online niche or as they call it the e-business and marketing niche on Click bank.

If you want to go into the health and fitness news like I said it’s going to delete everything but I’m going to go and click Save Settings. It should create a new website now five reviews were generated and 32 posts were generated so I’m going to refresh the page. I should briefly, of course, this article is not found any more I’m going to refresh it on the main homepage.

It’s also not Liberty to travel anymore because I changed it. So there we go now it’s loading the page again, we’re going to see the new health and fitness version of the website. I create so we have still the same name Liberty to travel. I didn’t change the title but the content has changed safely. Cycling during social distancing beans and rice recipes so there’s no recipe. A dozen bucket-list rights for 2020 for cycling five by strength training workout routines for beginners. So again it now fills the website with health and fitness advice articles from around the web.

The first review has already been posted which is my back pain. Coach review and that is of course of a Click bank product called my back pain. coach again a review video a review text and your affiliate link. so that’s in a nutshell what click and Bank do .if you want to see what is the upcoming content that the software is going to post. You can see that over here if you go into the dashboard.

You go to posts you will see that these articles going to be posted three days from now .this article is going to be posted five days from now. It’s going to go all the way up to several weeks from now as you can see a month from now .it’s the latest the same thing with reviews as well you can see here the review that was posted already. For my back pain coach a minute ago then three days from now, it’s going to post a review of the one-month vegan challenge .it found a video already it found the text if you want to edit any of it. Of course, you can do so yourself you can see the text here and you can change also when it goes live.

if you want to you can change anything you want from the review that you want so here you can change the text etc. so there you go that in a nutshell is what this software does and how it works .let’s have a quick look at the sales page, then we’ll talk about pricing and upsells so the bank or 100% easy click bank commissions. 24/7to do any boring manual work attention generating commissions on the biggest affiliate network.

There is Click bank is really let this software do it for you and that’s the idea behind it .the software is going to generate the website for you the content. I said it will get you some traffic by ranking this content on Google. don’t expect it to be massive in terms of traffic so that’s where my bones have come in to make sure .that you are going to be able to get traffic to these websites and also to monetize this using other methods. just Click bank because then you will see even better results there you go then check out the rest of the sales page, yourself at your own pace in your own time.


  • Can learn more about the software you can watch some reviews from people you can watch some proof of this working.
  1. Choose a niche
  2.  Enter your click bank ID
  3.  Create a website
  • The site is up and running. You can start making money with it. So go ahead as I said check it out yourself.
  •         The software it’s going to help you create this done for you click and bank websites.
  • is the front end then we have the upsell which is the pro version
  1. The first upsell is $67 and this allows you to create unlimited of these sites. So with a normal version, you can create one website in one niche. With the pro version, you can create unlimited websites. So you can create them in any niche you want. You can create all of them as many as you want 67 dollars for that then
  2.  The second upsell is the Amazon version. If you want to also generate money with Amazon review sites. Again completely done for you. Buy the software every single week they’re going to give you top converting Amazon products in your niche. That is going to be the Amazon version OTO number two for $27 a month then upgrade.
  3.  Number three is it completely done for you setup where they’re going to do everything for you you’re going to select your niche. They’re going to configure the spinning engines to create original content .they’re going to help you rank your site. Taking click bank you’re also going to get exclusive one-on-one Skype support. And training for one hundred and ninety-seven dollars that’s the third upsell.
  4.  The fourth upsell is the developers and commercial license. So this allows you to handle other people’s work for creating these websites. Sell these to other businesses so you can create click and Bank websites. With click and bank of course and then sell these websites to other businesses with this license for$67.
  5.  The fifth and final upsell if you want to sell the software this one is for you because it’s there seller and agency license of click and bank for $197. You’re going to be able to sell this software yourself you can get agency license meaning not just reseller. You can’t just sell the software. which you can create accounts inside your Click bank dashboard. Create accounts for your customers and give those accounts to them. So basically you have your admin interface of the click and Bank software. Where you can create accounts and then sell those to your customers.

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